Helping people and being of service has been at the centre of my life and career.

Before qualifying as a master NLP, wellbeing coach and gong meditation Practitioner, I spent 20 years as a police detective.  I prided myself on doing the job with compassion with the thought: "how would I want a family member to be treated in this situation?"

It deepened my understanding of people. It showed me how different our life experiences can be from one another yet highlighted how similar the underlying themes are for people in the most challenging of times. Most of all, it taught me that my true vocation was to help others navigate through life.

My mission is to help you discover what wellbeing looks like for you and support you to make decisions about your life that enable you to find purpose, fulfilment and happiness. 

In the quest to support my own wellbeing I couldn’t find one place that took a whole life approach: nutrition, hydration, physical movement, the power of the mind and the practice of meditation and gong meditation, in beautiful surroundings in Cheshire and the North West of England so decided to create it myself.

Wellbeing Wave is a place where you can dip in and out of classes, workshops, events and retreats, get involved 1-1 or in groups in a way that feels right for you.

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