March 12, 2021

Cold water swimming

This month I braved the cold and experienced some cold water immersion therapy with Yoga Healing Cheshire. Involving breathe work and meditation to harness the inner heat and energy we walked into a freezing cold lake and emerged refreshed, energised and alive. There was initial shock, together with a fleeting moment of panic where I was encouraged to focus on my breath and visualise the heat at my core.

Then what can only be described as a complete sense of calm and serenity took over and I could have stayed in the water forever. I enjoyed a moment of peace, took in the nature around me and allowed the water to release my fears and stress.

Benefits of such activity include improved circulation, a boost to your immunity and a natural high which can be great for managing stress and anxiety. This practice is best done with an experienced guide but what a way to get a daily dose of exercise and wellbeing ( note all social guidelines and COVID measures were adhered to)

wild swimming
cold water therapy
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