April 24, 2020

Does juice boost your immune system?

With the excess of Christmas approaching, many of us are looking at how to start the season of goodwill as we mean to go on, and a great place to begin is by being kind to ourselves.

Cold-pressed juices are a great way to introduce more vitamins into your system at a time when you may need fortification against seasonal bugs and the elements.

Medical News Today reports that taking in a variety of different cold-pressed juices introduces extra nutrients to the body to give it an overall health boost, and the broader range of fruits and vegetables you juice the better, especially red berries and leafy greens.

Furthermore, a diet that includes fresh juices can boost energy levels thanks to the anti-inflammatory compounds of fruits and vegetables, while also introducing healthy enzymes to the gut to aid digestion. 

Cold-pressed juices can be easily included in a healthy diet and fitness regime, but medical professionals advise against consuming just cold-pressed juice as part of a more drastic diet regime, as juice-only diets can lead to low blood sugar levels, dehydration, headaches and other symptoms.

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