April 24, 2020

Happy Place Festival

Wellbeing Wave was excited to spend a weekend working with Fearne Cotton at Cheshire's first Happy Place Festive at Tatton Park, Cheshire in 2019

Vegan treats, healthy nutritious food, yoga, mindset workshops, motivational speakers and meditation- all the pillars of health and a whole life approach to wellbeing that Wellbeing Wave offers

It was a real honour to deliver gong meditation sessions all weekend, sending those healing sounds and vibrations of the gongs throughout the festival. It was so lovely to share with so many the benefits of sound healing which include

Mangaing Stress

Improving sleep pattersn

Balancing right and right brain

Inducing deep meditative brain wave patterns

Managing pain

and just as important, a chance to switch off, escape the world and relax.

Looking forward to more of these wellbeing festivals in the future!

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