April 24, 2020

Sound asleep

The healing power of gong therapy is becoming a more widespread wellness technique, in particular thanks to its effectiveness as an aid for sleep.

While traditional meditation is a much-praised method for switching off a busy mind at bedtime, Natural Health Magazine reports findings that the vibrations of a gong or singing bowl travel to the nervous system, helping the individual to relax and achieve better rest.

Research by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) has revealed 95 per cent of those suffering from some form of stress benefited from treatment, thanks to the nervous system’s response to the sensations experienced in sound therapy. 

“Sound therapy can also ease pain and anxiety,” said Lyz Cooper, BAST Founder. “It can improve your mood state too, so is good for mild-moderate depression. It helps to lower blood pressure, heart rate and can help with stress and stress-related conditions.”

So instead of seeking silence to aid sleep, perhaps it is worth trying a little south therapy instead?

If you want to learn more about how gong meditation in Cheshire could help you achieve a sense of calm, or to help you sleep, find out more here.

Gong Meditation Cheshire
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