April 26, 2021

Supermoon Ceremony

April's Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio represents the perfect opportunity to face fears, step into the light and create a new future. Scorpio is all about highlighting what is no longer working, facing the realities that have been ignored and seeing the truth of situations that can no longer be hidden. This months supermoon on 27th April will illuminate this but provide the support to release, look forward and create space for fresh new beginnings.

If you are interested in using the energy of this months full moon over the next few days here are some rituals and prompts to try

  1. Create some time just for you, light a candle and grab a pen and paper
  2. Write out areas of your life where there needs to be a change
  3. Tear up the paper and imagine releasing those situations/people and really feel the release in your body
  4. Now imagine a time in the future, free of limitations of yourself, time and restrictions. Write out what would you like those area of your life to look like instead
  5. Visualise the change you see everyday, really feel the feelings of change, imagine how you would look, sound and feel like and repeat this over the next few days
  6. Leave a sealed bottle of water overnight outside to charge in the power of the full moon and drink the next morning visualising the future you are creating
  7. Have some fun with this and go for your dreams- don't let your limited beliefs restrict your imagination!


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