September 10, 2021

What motivates you?

So you start something new or decide on a goal and you're all excited and full of enthusiasm. and then....

You meet an obstacle, life gets in the way, or something new and shiny distracts you. In fact anything starts to distract you!

Sound familiar?

Then you beat yourself up, that self doubt creeps in and your negative self talk shouts- " You never finish anything!" " Why can't you ever stick at anything" " You've got no motivation" And then the last thing you feel like doing is keep going!

One of the biggest coaching tools to support and motivate you towards taking consistent action towards change or a goal is to know your WHY

Ask yourself these coaching questions to discover your WHY to any goal or action you want to take

  1. What is it about this goal or action that is important to you? List them down
  2. What is so important about the goal that feels almost non negotiable?
  3. If you are struggling to find out your WHY get curious as to whether this is the right goal for you or it is someone else's idea of what they think you should do?
  4. If you find yourself writing lots of away from WHY's such as "Because I don't want to be unfit", "I don't want to waste my life" " Ii don't want an unhappy relationship etc- REFRAME
  5. Write out what you do want instead- these will motivate more to take action towards your goal
  6. Visualise yourself achieving your goal daily- seeing your future self programmes you mind that it has already taken place and acts as a automatic prompt for you to take action which boots motivation levels
  7. Consider the benefits of achieving your goal and add them to your list
  8. Get curious about how life will be if you don't take action

Then anytime you find your motivation or enthusiasm sliding - AND ITS NORMAL FOR THIS TO HAPPEN! remind yourself or your WHY's, visualise your success and you'll be motivated again to take that forward action to success

And if you'd like to read up more on this subject I'd recommend the book " START WITH YOUR WHY " by Simon Sinek

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