Online full moon ceremony

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Event description

Want to realise your hopes and dreams, release and let go of fears and visualise your desires and goals?

Come and join us in this live event where we will use rituals, oracle cards, crystals and journal prompts together with the power of this months "worm" full month to create our future. You'll discover what this months full moon means to you and finish with a beautiful and relaxing moon guided meditation to leave you relaxed, energised and ready to manifest your future!

What's included

90 minutes of rituals, oracle cards, coaching and journal prompts, crystal cleansing, full moon rituals and guided meditation. Have a pen and paper handy, some bottled water for rituals, any crystals you'd like to cleanse ( if you use them) and a blanket and pillow to get cosy. Light a candle, switch on and get manifesting!


Time and date

Sunday, March 28, 2021

7:30 pm


9:00 pm


Live on Zoom


Refund Policy

This is a non refundable event. Please make sure you can attend the event before booking

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